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Va Bene brings the friendly charm of European wine bars to the neighbourhood of Parnell. Run by friends Brent Newdick,

Joseph Nagatalevu, Esmeralda Kasmara and Head Chef Va Wickens,

Va Bene is the perfect place to meet up with friends and make new ones.

Va Bene's menu focuses on big flavours, but kept simple. The kitchen smoker adds an unreal depth of flavour to dishes.

Brent Newdick (the Olympic decathlete) owns Aperitivo cafe & Barbershop next door, and after spending a significant time training in Italy, he has brought some Italian influences to Va Bene.


Esmeralda Kasmara who owns Bandung a modern Indonesian cafe in Parnell and was the maître d’ at Non Solo Pizza for years. 


Inside Va Bene you will be welcomed with dark-marbled shared tables to encourage socialising with fellow diners, similar to the bustling wine bars found in Europe. With the help of acclaimed cocktail bar Le Syndicat you will find a custom designed cocktail list with a comprehensive Champagne selection, along with local and international wine and beers.

So grab your friends and come along for champagne & good times.

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